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Here to provide the best story times and ideas to help you get the most out of children's books!

Story Time

Come and join me for fun and interactive story videos to keep your little ones entertained.


Would you like to learn more about the importance of reading with your child and how to get them loving books too?


Find a number of really simple crafts for you and your little ones to do together with my step by step videos

Tots O'clock

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We all know that reading is fundamental to the development of a child. There are many research studies showing links between reading from an early age and success later in life. Reading aloud to children, including babies, has been shown to improve reading, concentration, writing, communication skills and logical thinking, so inspiring a love of books is one of the greatest ways to prepare children for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment.  

In the current climate that we live in, there is also a lot of discussion about the reduction in children's reading due to screens and many other exciting activities grabbing their attention. With endless videos to watch involving their favourite characters, or exciting games to complete against their friends, we are having to fight, more than ever, to get children excited about books and the adventures within them.


So here I am, trying to get their attention! I want to create excitement about children's books. I want children to be involved in the picture books. I want them to be inspired by them. I want them to want more!

Kids Painting

One thing I hear so often from parents is 'I wish I could do creative projects with my kids, but I'm just not crafty.' But listen, you do not need to consider yourself 'crafty' to start getting creative with your child. There are hundreds of really simple ideas out there for you to complete which require absolutely no special skills at all! At Tots O'clock you will find step by step guides on many craft projects and they are all really, REALLY simple!

Crafts are really good for developing fine motor skills, creativity, concentration, imagination, relaxation and confidence within children and it is another great way to get children excited about books too. You can complete art and crafts activities linked with their favourite books and encourage them to think about the picture book in more detail. 

Every year there are 10,000 new kids books published. So where do you even begin to start looking for the best ones? Well, I'm here to help! I will keep you up-to-date with my favourite books and continue to give you my top book lists for a variety of areas, including age and interests, so you can find the perfect picture books for your children. 


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